Nino Vincenzo Valpiani



Selected directing works.

"Nothing is more honest than a dream." -Federico Fellini

Short film & directorial debut: "Das Blaue vom Himmel" // "Everything Under the Sun"

A short film about a powerful and wealthy man, seducing a young and immature woman with his status and wealth. Not thinking about the dangers that come with the uncertainty of internet relationships, she follows his invitation to a date in the city. However, not only had he promised her everything under the sun, but also was she falling for his words, hook, line and sinker.

My submission to the Zurich Film Festival 72h short film competition. My team and I wrote, organised, filmed, edited, graded, composed and recorded the music and submitted this movie in only 72 hours. In accordance to the rules of the festival, the original movie was exactly 72 seconds long.