Nino Vincenzo Valpiani



Selected analogue works.

There is probably not much more that can get me to a comparable state of ecstasy as analogue photography does. In the beginning, the return to film was somewhat rather driven by the urge to understand what photography is about at its core. But by the time I got home with the first rolls of developed film, I had already fallen in love with the feel, genuineness and uncertainty that comes with an analogue picture.

01 / Shadows & Contrasts

35mm, Black & White - Selected works of shadows & contrasts.

02 / backside

35mm, Black & White - Selected works of selected backs.

03 / Utility poles & cables

35mm, Black & White/Colour - Selected works of utility poles & cables - and an occasional bird.

04 / from the car 

35mm, Black & White/Colour - Inspired by Joel Meyerowitz's "From the Car" series.